A new movement, to make social media safer for the next generation.


Social media can play a hugely positive role in our lives, but all too often it provides a platform for negativity. The purpose of Raise is simple: to make social media safer for the next generation.

Raise, which stands for Resonsible Actions in Social for Everyone, is a movement, and it will be campaigning for changes to social media that will improve safety for everyone. It will focus especially on younger users, through education, practical advice and campaigning for reform. New campaigns will be introduced on this site and on Raise's social media accounts.

The story

Raise was launched by Drew Benvie, founder of Battenhall. Drew has worked in the field of social media for over 20 years. In 2019 when Drew was researching for a TED talk on the topic of the future of social media, the impact of the darker side of social media inspired Drew to take action.

Today, Drew is a campaigner, public speaker, consultant and educator on this topic, and is passionate about social media's role as a force for good, but also the need for more to be done.

Get involved

There are many ways that anyone can help. Raise is actively seeking opportunities to bring about change to make social media safer.

If you are looking at ways that the messages Raise is championing could be brought to a wider audience, from regulation and safety, education, volunteering or media appearances and public speaking on this topic, get in touch.

Email: hello@raisegeneration.com.

You can read more about Raise and its background from the blog posts below.