Raise and social media for good

Drew Benvie

Social media has become one of the biggest influences on our lives. In positive ways, social media is the great connector. We're always just a click away from our nearest and dearest, and most will agree, social media has been the great leveller of recent times.

But in a world where social media often dominates our lives, its dark side has become just as influential. From the lighter side of doom scrolling and screen addiction, to a darker side, where images that affect mental and physical health, to abusive and criminal behaviour online. The truth is, social networks can't keep up, and unfortunately also, often don't intend to.

I've had the privilege to have worked in the field of education and advisory since social media's inception. I've been able to help thousands of people in this time, by defending them from harmful content on social media, educating on how to spot and deal with disinformation, showing them ways to improve their algorithm, and much more. I've seen some of the very best that social media can do, but sadly also some of the very worst.

I've met so many people, organisations and causes that need help on social media, many that don't even realise. Especially amongst younger people, where social media harms are all too often normalised, something needs to happen to make us safer for the next generation as much as it's needed now, today. That is why I've created Raise.

Raise exists to bring change, and make social media safer for the next generation, through education, awareness, practical advice. It's a movement, powered by people and by social media for good. By shining a light on ways the world can be made safer through social media, I hope that the next generation will be better off as a result.

If this strikes a chord with you, and you would like to chat, please get in touch on hello@raisegeneration.com or through social media, @raisegeneration on Instagram and Twitter, and @raise on Bluesky.